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Enlistment Schedule

Taipei City,  June 2024, Enlistment Escalation Activities Date Profile

June 05【No. 737 of the Navy’s Standing Corps (service period: 1 year)】 (Note: There are no assigned posts in this city)

June 05【Navy Ship Corps Standing Military Service Military Training Level ※62 *Training Location: Kaohsiung Zuoying】

June 17【Replenishment Soldiers 41st※6th Level*Training Location: Zhongli Longmen】

June 18【Army Standing Soldiers Level 2231 (1-year service period) *Training location: Litou Mountain, Hsinchu】

June 19【Level 21 of Army Standing Service Military Training *Training Location: Jinliujie, Yilan】

June 19【The 21st level of the Army’s phased standing military training *Training location: Da Nei, Tainan】

June 19【First Level of Air Force Standing Military Training *Training Location: Zhongkeng, Chiayi】

June 19【Replacement service level 25※6-9 (Police University, Police College) *Training location: Chenggong Ridge, Taichung】

June 27【Marine Corps Standing Order No. 815 (service period 1 year) *Training location: Longquan, Pingtung】