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1. The Department was originally the military service section of the provincial city, and was upgraded to serve as the military service section of the special municipality on July 1, 1967. The Department continued to be listed as a level-one unit of the Taipei City Government and was placed in charge of the City’s military service administration.

2. On January 1, 1968, pursuant to an Executive Yuan decree, the Department was reorganized as the Department of Compulsory Military Service, Taipei City Government and subordinated to the Department of Civil Affairs. As a result, the Department was changed into a level- two unit of the City Government. As per the original regulations approved by the Executive Yuan, the business of military services was performed by four sections and the number of personnel was fifty-four. Moreover, another twenty-six people were hired as “pay-per-case personnel”. The Department’s personnel totaled eighty.

3. In March of 1969, the “Organization Adjustment Inspection Task Force” of the City Government inspected the Department. In light of the inconveniences caused in implementing the current organization system and the number of the original staff members, this Department thereby proposed upgrading the Department to a level-one unit of the City Government as a special case. In 1970, the upgrading cases in respect of both the Department of Land and the Department were submitted by the City Government for the approval of the Executive Yuan; the upgrading case of the Department of Land was approved, while that of this Department was not. On June 23, 1970, the Office of Budget, Accounting and Statistics as well as the Personnel Office were established under the Department via an Executive Yuan order, along with the addition of three staff members. This brought the number of total staff members up to fifty-seven.

4. In January 1974, the Yangmingshan Administration Bureau was ordered to reduce its staff and restructure its organization. This Department took five employees from each bureau, listing them as part of the formal personnel roster, resulting in the number of employees rising to sixty-two. In 1976, pursuant to streamlining the policies of the time, two employees of the original personnel staff and four contract employees were eliminated from the staff accordingly. After such reductions, the number of total personnel reached eighty-two, consisting of sixty employees of the original personnel staff and twenty-two contract employees.

5. On September 6, 1979, following the approval of the Executive Yuan, the Department was changed to a level-one unit of the City Government with the number of personnel remaining intact.

6. In March of 1983, the grading of partial positions was adjusted; following the addition of one deputy director-general of the Personnel Office and nine unit chiefs, the Department’s staff remained at sixty people.

7. In 1986, the Executive Yuan approved the amendment of the Organization regulations, establishing the Military Cemetery Administration Office. This office was officially established in August 1987.

8. In August 1993, in line with changes taking place in the Department of Government Ethics, Taipei City Government, the Department’s regulations and organization were amended accordingly, together with the establishment of the Government Ethics Office.

9. In January 1996, the Secretariat was established and the number of staff members remained at sixty. Furthermore, as per the streamlining plan of the administrative reform, the number of contract personnel was reduced to six, and the number of the entire staff exceeded sixty-six.

10. As of July 1, 2000, in terms of implementing substitute services, the amendment of the Department’s regulations and its organizational chart were approved. The fifth section was established, and the number of Organization personnel rose to eighty-six.

11. On April 26, 2003, per Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 3, Article 27 of the Local Government Act, in line with the abolishment of the organic regulations, Taipei City Government, the Self-Government Ordinance of the Taipei City Government Organization was hereby stipulated. The Organization regulation of this Department was amended accordingly, and the number of staff members remained at eighty-six.

12. On March 1, 2006, pursuant to the amended organization structure, in line with the deactivation of the Military Cemetery Administration Office, after reorganization, this Department was composed of three sections and one center, which reduced the number of staff members of this Department and its originally subordinated Military Cemetery Administration Office from ninety-two to seventy-seven.

13. On December 20, 2011, in accordance to the change of the law, the department was re-named  to "Department Of Compulsory Military Service, Taipei City Government".

14. On July 1, 2017, in accordance to the change of the law, both of the Government Ethics Office and Accounting Office had reduced one headcount, but the Services Divisions had increased two headcounts, which remained the total staff numbers at 77.