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Announcement on "Fixed-term Service of the Reserve Army for 2021 Years"


First, the announcement of 2021years of various stages of dismissal as follows:
(A) two generals: 70 years old (born 39 years)
(B) Lieutenant General: 65 years old (44 born)
(C) Major General: 60 years old (born 49 years)
(D) Upper, Middle, Major and Chief Officers: 58 years old (51 years old)
(V) Upper, middle and ensign and upper, middle and lower corporal: 50 years old (59 years old)
(F) volunteer soldiers: 45 years old (born 64 years)
(G) Soldiers, compulsory soldiers: 36 years old (born 73 years)

Second, the above service personnel age limit, calculated to December 31, 2020 only, and since January 1, 2021 in addition to removing the tube, no further assignment order.